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Applicant Tracking System

Diverse and end-to-end Applicant Tracking System

When you join hands with a hiring and recruitment enabler, you also gain access to the Applicant Tracking System positioned on the platform.

Hiring and recruitment becomes more organized with the use of the Applicant Tracking System. 

The System helps the various stakeholders – 

   •  To efficiently put the database in order
   •  To access the various tools such as the Talent Assessment Tool

The Applicant Tracking System of MyAnatomy is an easy as falling off a log tool. The hiring and recruitment process here is an efficiently automated one right from scratch.

Why choose a Recruitment Management System at the first go?

Because it takes the workload off the Human Resource’s teams by –

   •  Optimisation of efforts
   •  Effective utilization of time
   •  Expanded talent search
   •  Monitor job requests on dashboard
   •  Post job/vacancy requirements the simple and easy way
   •  Gain access to a pool of sourced talent
   •  Technology streamlining and automated hiring and recruitment
   •  Effective screening of talent

How does the Applicant Tracking System efficiently automate the hiring and recruitment process?

An enterprise using the Applicant Tracking System embraces the use of advanced technology and trending methodologies replacing the traditional ways; this makes the collaboration with stakeholders a qualitative one at that and thereby creates an impact and sets new benchmarks in the entire hiring and recruitment process.

Ah, there we go… The software –

Generates accurate reports

A foolproof system, it churns out only the deserving candidates – the right talent for the right workplace.

There is a definite reciprocation and acknowledgement of the different levels of feedback making its way among the stakeholders.

The Virtual ATS

Hiring and recruitment teams in organizations find their jobs cumbersome often times. This is where a software such as the Applicant Tracking System makes it foray and strikes the right chord. 

Hiring and recruitment process can get tedious if there are only a few personnel of the HR teams lined up to deal with the manifold requirements of the various departments at organizations. And when small teams do the job of sourcing 1000 candidates and managing the entire hiring and recruitment process, it turns cumbersome. This is where an efficient and virtual ATS tool eases the process by –

   •  Managing requisition requests
   •  Providing a crisp yet detailed view of all that happens in the process
   •  Helping monitor the various reports and feedback that pour in
   •  Organizing the flow
   •  Automating the process in and out
   •  Making hiring and recruitment decisions faster

If you are in-charge of talent acquisition in your organization with a heap of activities lined up in your to-do list then, this one’s for you. We save you the time of logging into the system. You do not have to necessarily do that. Ain’t the virtual ATS a real time saver then.

Solution-driven mechanism 

When you launch a project, big or small, it is always expected to be purpose-driven and solution-driven. As a hiring and recruitment enabler, your purpose is to stay committed to all that you have to offer to your stakeholders. The beneficiaries here are the corporate organizations looking out for candidates to fit into their work frame and the candidates seeking landmark-like points in their career trajectories.

In choosing the right talent for the job market, hiring and recruitment enablers with the use of tools such as the Applicant Tracking System assist in striking a balance between the differing goals and the activities lined up to reach those.

Sticking to your requirements

An efficiently automated process like the Applicant Tracking System holds your hands and walks you through every step of hiring and recruitment.

You gel with the system in a way that you find support throughout the process in entirety until you are independent in your role.

Quality Consultation 

Stakeholders can stay assured that only quality talent enters corporate organizations further boosting the productivity quotient of the various departments hiring and recruiting candidates with a flair.

Summing up

Applicant Tracking System is a fruition of the tremendous efforts put in by data scientists with analytical bent of mind; ringing in a positive change in the hiring and recruitment world. Hence, investing in a system equipped with Applicant Tracking System will for sure be a welcome step for the progress of your organization.

An ATS endowed platform has solutions to all your complex and critical hiring and recruitment problems. It helps you make the right decisions with ease. There are no bottlenecks whatsoever — be it keeping up with the trends of the job market or managing the entire hiring and recruitment process from one place.

When you choose to collaborate with a hiring and recruitment enabler –

You ATTRACT talent

You ACQUIRE talent 

You HIRE & RECRUIT talent

You DEVELOP a budding talent

All this while you chart the progress of your workforce. Way to go!

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