Posted on : 2022-10-07 09:47:23

covid-19 beat the fear for a better future

The streets are all so quiet. There’s no bustle anymore…

   •  No people crowding at their favourite pani puri joint.
   •  Shutters down of our favorite eateries.
   •  Difficulty in distinguishing a food delivery guy from a healthcare worker.
   •  The gloves and face masks and the all-so-concealed look make them all look alike.
   •  No women talking about buying gold or shopping…
   •  Construction at the many sites has come to a halt too. What with the latest investment you made on a property?

What has led to all this? It is the Fear. The fear of the virus spreading its tentacles…

This phase too shall pass but with umpteen lessons learnt…

Amid such times, the questions that bother us –

   •  Is the company I’m working for safe
   •  Is my job still secure or
   •  Can I still provide for the workers in my company
   •  Can I still provide for my family
   •  Would I be able to make it to the next vacation with my family

When there’s fear all around

Can we control the deadly virus from spilling out like never before?

The Josh is now getting replaced with Fear. How’s the FEAR? Too high, Sir!

   •  How long before the world gets a vaccine for the killer virus?
   •  We all know it can not just make you too weak but it has all the potential to kill if you fall short at immunity levels.
   •  Will a lockdown help stop the transmission?
   •  Isn’t the evil Corona coming with its own bills!!!

G one are the days when you would bargain with a vegetable vendor for even ten rupees. You are all up and ready emptying your wallets, filling the shelves at your house with essentials. You are willing to buy masks and sanitizers for your people; no matter how expensive they are…

Corona has instilled that kind of fear for life in all of us!

Things that motivate us

In an interview with a popular news brand, the WHO’s chief scientist Soumya Swaminathan emphasised on the necessary steps being taken by India, and the right communication being done.

Isolation for many proves that…
In the era of Technology, Internet and Social Media,
A conversation with your loved ones is still blissful.

Kick the fear… this could be the time for you

Here’s some nitbit tips –

Disbelief ~ Grief ~ Anger ~ Hope ~ Denial ~ Anger ~ Fear ~ Emerging Stronger

What do you have in you today? The answer would be Fear… from many.

Just shoot the fear off!

    •   Be healthy; be vigilant.

Being vigilant, matters

Four members of a family return from a foreign location to a congested home that houses another 21 members of the same family. Awareness to some extent could have curbed the spread of the virus in the family vertical… who’s to be blamed for this?

   •  Make the best use of the time and do not let the fear exist in your body and in your homes.
   •  Someone you know or someone you care for may be sick… add them in your prayers.
   •  Pass positive vibes around.
   •  Do not push the entire force of the crisis on people who depend on you. The situation is scary for them as well.

And now, call this a mantra or a maxim –

Keep calm and carry on…

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself

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