Posted on : 2022-05-31 08:46:52

Creating the Remote Base

We are now in a scenario fully remote. A situation that demands students learning remote, campuses holding sessions remote, corporates reaching out to the campuses to hire the right talent remote — a situation where your levels of confidence are infused with technological advancements to keep all things virtual and the show going on.


Offices are now moving beyond cubicles, bays and tables. There’s an abundance of work getting detached from the actual workplaces and attaching itself to virtual platforms. The situation is ironically a win-win one for both employers and employees. 

The labour force scenario is undergoing a huge makeover with the digital manoeuver. The graphs have gone up with flexibility in employment — the way organisations respond and also in what ways talent makes itself employable. 

The challenges with remote working are many -

Staying committed to your roles and responsibilities. 

  •  If there’s enough job satisfaction that brings out the same or higher amount of productivity when compared to working in the office premises.
  •  If there is job intensification and the workload has increased to keep up with the commitments.
  •  This is the time for major radical transformation and technological advancements. Recent times bear evidence to the point that channels to             employment are all pervasive — going beyond geographical timelines, spreading across regions and facilitating flexible work arrangements.


There is this acute need for employers to adapt and change with the changing scenario. The benefits of flexible work arrangements put forth by employers could be many but what counts as high priority now is arrangements that suit the domestic, societal and ecological circumstances the talent exists in. 

The serpentine task lies in keeping track with assessments, evaluation and development techniques against the backdrop of trying times. 

Connecting the Dots

A bunch of us have for sure been witness to the assessment and recruitment process during days when there were no mobile phones, computers or the Internet. With the absence of these, there was no scope for online job portals as well. 

Even movies around the 80s and 90s had the protagonist waiting outside the interview room hoping to get a job. There’d be a huge crowd with too many applicants applying for that one role. Some would be seen standing as the chairs would not be too many. And sometimes, the lead would return home all so morose. Or we’d see an older by age and a much qualified and experienced man foregoing an opportunity for a younger one that is more in need of that particular job like how we see in the movie “Saaransh”. The opportunities were very few and the applicants were too many unlike now where talent deserves and rightfully gets equal opportunity.

Back then Employment Exchanges were the most sought after centres for people seeking employment. The job seekers would stand in long stretches of queues to get themselves registered at a local employment exchange. And very rarely luck would shine on some.

There was nothing called tapping on information available on databases, no advertisements or posting of vacancies online like we have since the past decade or more. The task was arduous for people managing the hiring and recruitment scene. 

  •  Picking up a required job role
  •  Placing advertisements in newspapers, magazines or any other print medium
  •  Advertisements also depended on word of mouth
  •  Sieving out potential talent from the 1000s of applications received through snail mail, fax or face-to-face
  •  Often times, recommendations from the creamy layer followed suite and the talent you’d almost zeroed upon took backsea

Take 2020; even the government has set the ball rolling to modernise the working of these employment exchanges and it is only technology that can help in their revival. 

The advent of technology has gotten recruitment and hiring rocking and rolling. The revolution post 2k led to the decline in the number of physical employment exchanges in India. 

We worked hard. The hiring and recruitment fraternity survived those crucial times. 


And the survival was bound to see some drastic changes within the industry. Technology and technology-boosting social media helped us in our way forward.

There is now a certain level of economic uncertainty looming over us. Even with the uncertainty, the growth has been steadily marking itself a spectacular one. The tough times have brought in a knock-on effect with the way things work. There are more platforms afloat, with tremendous competition to be on top of the game, not wanting to risk brilliant enablers-of-opportunity roles, and not wanting to lose excellent clients. Platforms that help you make efficient and effective hiring decisions. 

The Virtual Entry

The past is long gone. The virtual made its entry way back. It is now time to make it more worthy and utilise it to the fullest.

Use tailored job simulations from our digital assessment and hiring solutions — Assess talent online - all so swift and all so effective.

The MyAnatomy platform is extensively involved in delivering services that help organizations assess and hire the right talent. 

Our highly reliable, customizable and easy-to-use digital solutions help you assess and measure the potential of the candidates on various areas of academic learning, core competencies, coding efficiency, technical knowledge, and interpersonal and communication skills.

The tools on the MyAnatomy platform will keep you in pace and ease remote hiring, assessment and development.

We deem it very important to understand your preferences, the apprehension involved with going all virtual and how you’d accept the system integrating with yours.

Our clients rate the acceptability of our platform and accessibility of our services 4 out of 5.

More and more businesses have started operating solely online.

If you are a Corporate, build or enrich your brand’s online presence with us. Connect with the talent on our wide network. Attract the talent and hire that which rightly fits into your organizational frame.

Play your in-person assessment and development trump card virtual. This is one great way towards ensuring your talent management activities have continuity even during challenging times.

And guess what! The hiring and assessment principle that you abide by face-to-face remain the same even when virtual. Sticking to the set principles foster the same amount of fairness that you would have shown if the person were assessed on the floor. The process does not undergo change; it enhances with the use of robust and reliable online assessments — tools that align with your objectives and help you with accurate measurement of the talent requirement.

Boost participant experience

The candidates’ perspective of assessments help us identify obstacles and enrich the participants’ experience on the go. The talent pool now prefers the experience of attempting online assessments over the pen-and-paper modules. The precursor to the assessments clearly communicates -

   •  What’s expected from the incumbent talent
   •  How to prepare for the assessments
   •  The nitty gritty of the online assessment process

Thus, making it all the more easy for the candidates taking the assessments on our virtual platform.

Candidates get to determine their unique value proposition This is the platform that has for you a streamlined process, and you get faster responses too without having to wait for too long to know if there’s any traction with your profile. It’s a win for everyone. Also, lay your hands on the skill enhancement test modules provided. 

Experience what it takes to crack the many Domain Specific, Campus Specific and also Company Specific tests under MyAnatomy Direct. 

Build a psychologically-safe virtual environment


1000000+ Pre-Assessed employable talent available

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