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Online Learning

Went to a college in a city you don’t belong to anymore or,

There was this full-time job that you couldn’t quit as you had to save money for your mom’s health treatment or sister’s marriage (definitely, not filmy; happens with many and filmy storyline actually draw inspiration from real life) or,

Those emotional pangs attached with your family… 

Gazillions of thoughts when the choice is yours. You were somehow always pulled back from taking up that dream course at that dream institution.


And then, as a matter of some wonderful possibility you opted for the course of study that you’d have otherwise studied sitting in the classroom, Virtually! 

Rahul was an aspirant like the many. And he was always attracted to a top management institution of the country. But then, as luck would have it, he also had this lucrative job that kept him happy and his pockets warm. He didn’t want to quit the job. He didn’t want to shift cities. He enrolled for an online course at the same institution while being on the job. And, guess what! He got an all-in-all virtual access to resources including the vast library, research facilities and an opportunity to discuss theories with eminent faculty. He now belongs to a brilliant body of alumni placed on the world talentscape. The online way of learning set the ball rolling for him!

Online learning definitely put forth a revolution and opened doors for all those who wanted to learn but were bound by circumstances. Online education in the past came with its own stereotype. People believed it was an affair of the couch potatoes and not the very smart humans. But, not anymore! 

Online is now Awesome!

The reputation of Online Education and Learning is in for some great amount of good fortune. And as the graph of the people availing Online Education and Learning goes up, there is an effective approach to methodologies too.


Online learning has now become the most sought after and convenient channel that highly fits around even with the humongous amount of responsibilities and commitments. The learners can also lay their hands on a range of multimedia content and digital learning material.

Let’s look at the various benefits of online learning -

Earning while you are learning

One of the most appalling benefits of online learning is that you can earn as you learn while you are on the path to acquire degrees, diplomas, certificates and knowledge above all.


Learning, back and forth

Oftentimes, learners tend to lose focus from what is being taught in the class. The problem is more prevalent with young learners. The amount of focus lost is almost five times in a forty minutes online class. In such cases, where the learners lose focus from an online session, they can always choose to go back to the Videos Archive available with most online learning providers.


Brings out the latent talent

The present times have been of great help to many students. The shy are coming out of their shells. There are more students raising their hands to answer the many questions put up by the tutors/ teachers. These were the students who were otherwise, not very comfortable speaking in a normal class.


Online environment makes it easier for teachers/ tutors to bring out the latent talent hidden in students and learners emerge with greater confidence levels.

Where ideas matter

More than ninety per cent of communication in present times is non-verbal. With this, you tend to worry less about how the opponent or the other side would react to your idea or your side of the story. This instils a confidence level in interactions between the various stakeholders and also gives people time to think upon an idea or not react immediately.


Helps build network

Remember how it was when you were doing a project on-campus. The project was an important one and the scores added up for the final assessment.

You were assigned a project that involved humongous teamwork, researching and compiling a report. What when you had teammates who had hands on multiple tasks and would come to the institute only on specific days. There was less coordination, absolutely zero teamwork, lack of interaction and so a clash of opinions on the final day. And, it was a dud result for both.


Take 2020 - Online courses have projects too that call for a lot of teamwork. People coordinate from their own space at a compatible pace, more idea generation, there is not just one go-to person for the many questions. And, the end result - we have experts on the go with great networking, and with opportunities abundant.

Take the case of technical languages courses online. There is now a rise in online forums where people share ideas and knowledge. Virtual has now become the answer to all your doubts and queries and knowledge requirements.

Education Reforms in India

The government is also a catalyst to promoting online learning and education in India. Online learning and education is the saving grace to many across the country and the world. E-learning is the succour to schools, colleges and universities. And for quality education, an out of the box one, we need learning that is supplemented with skills and knowledge enhancements.


The government too has come up with a comprehensive set of recommendations that help propel online education. Online learning and education with alternative modes of quality education whenever and wherever helps in preparedness of people to take over the impossibilities, possibly. 

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