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Prepping up for virtual interview

Your dream company reaches out to you and wow! You are just a few rounds of assessments away from landing at the job role you’ve always aspired to be in. But wait! The catch here is, the assessments and interviews are all virtual.

The scenario is becoming increasingly common amid testing times such as the one we are in at present. There is this fear of disease transmission in the community. All that we are abiding by 24/7 is #stayhomestaysafe. Keeping the fear factor aside; we cannot let our aspirations, ambitions, careers goals and life’s progress go on a standby mode.

Here’s a list of to-do’s that might help you prep up for that much awaited round of virtual interview

Choose the right hardware

systemcheckNot every interview is compatible on every device. Some interviews are adaptable on multiple devices. You can take the interview on any device of your choice – computer, tablet, smart phone, etc. However, there are some interviews that seam through only one type of device. A computer is usually the most preferred device for all interviews. And a few more checks –

  1. Check your Internet connection.
  2. Ensure your device’s camera settings or the webcam meet the interview standards.
  3. The microphone or the audio of the device you’d be taking your interview on should be in line too.

Do not push all this to just a few minutes before the interview. Do not procrastinate testing equipment for the interview and give the hiring manager a reason to doubt his choice of candidate.

Setting the scene


Selecting the ideal space for you to sit and take the interview is very crucial. You can get into a secluded room or a corner that is well-lit and free from possible distractions. The lighting of the place needs to be checked too to avoid shadows and glares that might distract the panel sitting at the other end.

Choose the right space where you’d be able to appear in front of the camera waist up.

Do not forget to place your phone on silent mode.



Sit Prepared44374A6D-2CCE-4621-BBEE-4C78FCBD2268-18522-000006321915946C

Always remember, taking that interview on a computer does not mean you can fetch the answers by searching on the web instantly. You cannot be clicking around. Be prepared and be focused to answer questions without the help of the Internet.

Before you sit for the interview, you should have knowledge of the company and a knowhow of what you’d be required to do when you put yourself in the organisational frame. Jot down important points for quick reference.

Keep a copy of your resume handy before you proceed with the interview.

Prepare yourself with answers to some common interview questions –

  1. Why are you interested in the particular job role?
  2. What do you know about the company?
  3. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  4. Have you ever dealt with a challenge that can be a learning lesson that you can carry to work?
  5. If you are leaving your current job role, why is that?

And then comes the quintessential questions, “Do you have any questions for us?”

Keeping a few questions ready would help too –

  1. What do you look out for in an ideal candidate for the job role?
  2. How would the role help your learning and development curve?

talentDo not act a robot

You cannot exude your enthusiasm with that firm handshake. Remember, this is all virtual. Communicate with confidence and monitor your body language.

  1. Maintain eye contact with the panel
  2. Use hand gestures; nod and smile when appropriate
  3. Be dressed formal; avoid dressing too bright
  4. Make the interview conversational
  5. Be yourself

Remember Preparation is Key

The key to cracking any interview is being prepared.

  1. Test your Internet connectivity ?
  2. Test your camera settings ?
  3. Test the light setup ?
  4. Test sound settings ?
  5. Test if the video is working ?
  6. Ensure you know how the round of interview would go before you sit at it ?
  7. And above all, maintain your poise ?

Got the call? 

All set to go for it with the ground rules set and all checks done?

Have the acumen required for the role?All yes?

Then, we sincerely wish success is all yours and you get a chance to smile a lot more amid these trying times!

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