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Talent Assessment Tools

All That You Need To Know About Talent Assessment Tools

The idea of an assessment is not a new one. In fact, individuals and groups of individuals have been assessed for centuries. The Science of Evaluating people existed even in history.

A man was perhaps evaluated on his physical and mental strength to check if he could be a part of a regimen in the royal army.

A woman was perhaps evaluated to check if she had the skills to manage a huge household.

As we move the curtains to take a peek into the present scenario, the talent acquisition teams at the various organizations are open to adapting to the new changes happening in the hiring and recruitment world. Talentn Assessment for Talent Acquisition is the thing now that almost every organization is giving in to be it small or big.

Talent Assessment is no whim or fancy. It is a solution that helps have a stronger workforce in organizations.

evaluation – the science of evaluating people to make them ready to join the workforce at the many organizations. The science of evaluating people ponders upon the following aims:

  •  Filter the best or the better that can transform to become the best
  •  Hire the best or the better that can transform to become the best
  •  Train, whether better or best

The science of evaluating people for hiring and recruitment is part of a strategy, which aims to create an equipped workforce (by and large based on a range of skills) from a pool of the best talent.

MyAnatomy –, a startup founded by a group of enthusiasts aiming to carve a niche in the hiring and recruitment world believes that the increasing demand for talented personnel is further fueling the hiring and recruitment process.

According to a recent report published by the Mettls’ State of Talent Acquisition in 2019 –, 87.6% of the organizations worldwide hire talent for the workforce more than how they went about in the previous years. The count never goes down. Alongside, these organizations also ensure that there is no compromise with the quality of talent that sees the light of the day at the end of the tunnel, which is inclusive of all that goes into the hiring and recruitment process.

It is the hiring and recruitment process where recruitment enabling platforms like Applied and MyAnatomy pitch in leaving no space unturned to put the right talent in the right place. These platforms in order to make a mark in the hiring and recruitment world vouch on assessment tools.

The Talent Assessment Tools are powerful and ensure the organizations are devoid of any mistakes and hiring errors. These hiring errors come with cost tags such as: 

       •  Low-performance levels
       •  High turnover
       •  Business losses

Talent Assessment Tools evaluate people in the areas of learning and development on various parameters. Following are a few important parameters:

  1. Behavior
  2. Personality
  3. Aptitude
  4. Work
  5. Knowledge

In this increasingly competitive world, it is very crucial to go by a system that attracts, develops and retains talent.

With Talent Assessment Tools, organizations can easily bid goodbye to the age-old traditional interview system. The tools are laden with innovative methodologies, skills tests that help organizations chart the hiring and recruitment process exponentially.

Trending Talent Assessment Tools in the Hiring and Recruitment World

Let us now know more about the trending Talent Assessment Tools in the job market to assess, hire and recruit candidates.


The company founded by Kate Glazebrook in collaboration with a team of behavioral scientists created an assessment platform to help organizations hire and recruit.

The organization found the traditional interview system and CV sifting unsatisfactory.

Applied came up with a platform inclusive of timed assessments that would avoid bias in the hiring and recruitment process in the long run.


This is no less than a pocket knife that comes handy with its own bunch of online skills assessments.

What eSkill has in its bounty?

eSkills has tailored tests that cover different divisions of an organization ranging from healthcare to hospitality, HR, Sales, Admin, Accounts, Sales and IT.

eSkils in its clientele has companies such as Coca-Cola, Zappos, FedEx, and Paychex.


Mettl boasts of a battery of assessments for both back end and front end.

This assessment platform offers a range of assessments for retail, legal and finance domains. The kudo point that Mettl catches upon is that it comes with a set test even for delivery boys. Now, isn’t that great?

Mettl’s offering on an assessment of individuals in the software development arena is the icing on the cake though with the platform, getting hired and recruited isn’t that easy a cakewalk.

It tests candidates in the area of software development on programming languages such as JavaScript, Java, SQL, c#, and Python.


This 6-year old startup is moving up the ladder with its own bundle of assessment tools. This is as such a bundle of joy to the many recruiters and job-seekers. PyMetrics conducts assessments in a fun way.

PyMetrics is equipped with games that assess candidates on soft skills, and cognitive and emotional traits. It helps enthusiasts in putting the steps forward and make the transition from non-traditional to more equal footing.


MyAnatomy removes the bias that often creeps into the hiring and recruitment process. The Equal Opportunity Enabler as it is rightly called so with its assessment tool MAPIT has a list of assessments that can be customized based on the requirements of the various organizations. The assessments under MAPIT make hiring and recruitment for many organizations a process never like before.

To assess the Talent DNA, MAPIT among the many tests that it covers under its umbrella has:

  •  Aptitude Test
  •  Technical Test
  •  Psychometric Test
  •  Mind Mapping Test

Domain and Subject Knowledge

Knowing about the many recruitments assisting and talent assessment tools is surely not enough. You also need to have a knowhow of how to use the Talent Assessment Tools in the best way possible.

We understand that assessments add weightage to the entire hiring and recruitment process. They add quantity in the form of scores or levels or bands with the various innovative methods. However, it is always recommended to also know the limitations before adopting Talent Assessment Tools.

Effective Use of Talent Assessment Tools

Let us consider a few important limitations associated with the use of Talent Assessment Tools:

  1. The candidates sometimes consider tests as an intrusion into their personality.
  2. Organizations need to be alert and check if tests are discriminatory by nature and violate laws if any.
  3. Tests designed by assessment platforms assess the personality traits, and the knowledge attained and retained until the time the candidates take the assessments. How the candidates would perform on the job is more important.


The use of Talent Assessment Tools is always a good practice by any organization once it has selected the right assessment tools combined with the best methodologies. This provides a proper structure for any interviews and makes hiring and recruitment by employment enablers more effective.


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