MAPIT MyAnatomy Professional Intelligence Test

MyAnatomy's highly reliable, customizable and easy-to-use digital solutions help institutions assess and measure the potential of the candidates on various areas of academic learning, core competencies, coding efficiency, technical knowledge, and interpersonal and communication skills.

Digital Solution


                                                    Examination Suite College Myanatomy Academic Examination Suite (Theory Exams)

Academic Examination Suite (Theory Exams)

  • Mid Term Examinations.
  • Mock Semester Examinations.
  • Semester Examinations.
NCET College Myanatomy National Competence Evaluation Test (N.C.E.T)

National Competence Evaluation Test (N.C.E.T)

  • Signup Your Institution for N.C.E.T & get benefited with:
    • Job/Internship opportunities.
    • Training Programs.
    • Scholarship programs & many more.
    • Download Brochure for N.C.E.T.
Faculty Assessments College MyanatomyFaculty Assessments

Faculty Assessments

  • Introducing New way of approach in faculty hiring/Assessment:
  • Assess the Applicant before hiring.
  • Understand the sounding of content with ease of delivering the subject knowledge.
Admission Examination College MyAnatomy University/ Institution Admission Examination

University/ Institution Admission Examination

  • Design and conduct :
    • University/Institutional Entrance or Admission exams.
    • Identify & Categorise the Applicants under various UG Programs or Courses offered.
Hackathon & Coding Platform College MyAnatomy Hackathon & Coding Platform

Hackathon & Coding Platform

  • Conduct Hackathons / coding challenges inside your campus.
  • Identify the best coder and programmers.
  • language used/duration/ Compilation count/Test case execution time/Code length-based reporting structure.
Campus/Placement Preparatory Test Modules College Myanatomy Campus/Placement Preparatory Test Modules

Campus/Placement Preparatory Test Modules

  • Assess Fundamental skill set to Create & plan the strategy for your Training program:
    • Aptitude, Analytical thinking, Cognitive ability, Communication skills, English Proficiency.
    • Skill based Analytical Reports.
    • Individual and Overall performance report cards.
Pre- Employment Mock Assessments College MyAnatomy Pre- Employment Mock Assessments

Pre- Employment Mock Assessments

  • Give your students a real time experience for pre-employment assessment:
  • 200+ available Company Specific Practice Test Papers.
  • Similar syllabus & pattern to previously conducted campus hiring test.
  • Customise Mock Assessments for Companies visiting your campus.
Mock Competitive Exams Test Modules College Myanatomy Mock Competitive Exams Test Modules

Mock Competitive Exams Test Modules

  • Prepare your Students for Higher Studies:
  • 200+ Mock Test Papers for PG Entrance Exams(GATE/CAT/GRE etc).
  • 100+ Mock Test Papers for Banking/UPSC and other competitive exams.
  • Power to you - create customise & conduct mock tests.
Quiz / Rapid fire / Audio / Video based Assessments College Myanatomy Quiz / Rapid fire / Audio / Video based Assessments

Quiz / Rapid fire / Audio / Video based Assessments

  • Quiz competitions.
  • Talent Hunt.
  • Communication Skills Test.
  • Observational Skills Test.


Customizable Question Library
Flexible Test Template
Cheating Prevention
Reporting Dashboard
Admin Dashboard
API Integrations

Customizable Question Library

Customizable Question Library College Myanatomy

Choose from a library enriched with a wide variety for a wide range of competencies — from very basic to complex Or create your own question banks.

  • Upload Question in bulk
  • Sort Questions by the levels of complexity
  • Subjective questions MCQs Programming Questions
  • And Lots more....

Flexible Test Template Design & Creation

Flexible Test Template College Myanatomy

Test creation is made easy with flexible and customisable Test Templates and Designs.

  • Assess personality, behaviour and competency levels.
  • Check coding expertise with language specific tests.
  • Check learning outcomes with different aptitude tests.
  • Trained with pre-employment assessment.
  • Skilled base assessments.

AI & ML Based Cheating Prevention Mechanism

Cheating Prevention Mechanism College Myanatomy

Assessment process that blends with technology to detect and prevent suspicious candidates’ behaviour –

  • Webcam Based Face Detection System
  • Ctrl + C & Ctrl + V dismissed out
  • Auto Knockout Mechanism
  • Time-boxing Mechanism
  • Window Proctoring
  • Option Shuffling
  • And More...

Robust and Unbiased Reporting Dashboard

Reporting Dashboard College MyAnatomy

Automate the reporting and feedback process. And, gain access to easy-to-navigate reports.

Our tools update your dashboard with real-time data at specified time intervals.

The benefits -

  • Auto-evaluation
  • Assign evaluators and re-evaluators
  • Feedback mechanism
  • Categorise reports
  • View submissions | Collect lab submissions
  • View/ Download/ Share individual reports

All in one Admin Dashboard

Admin Dashboard College MyAnatomy

A robust admin dashboard that manages the delivery of all assessments very smoothly.

  • The flexibility reduces the typical test administration hassles.


A tech-advanced dashboard that equips and empowers users with the best-in-class test administration experience.

  • Create Multi-user Logins
  • Assign Multiple Roles
  • White Labeling of Platform
  • Customise Redirection URL
  • And have it the tailored way on a lot more...

API Integrations

API Integrations College MyAnatomy

The system seamlessly integrates with your existing architecture, leaving no apparent gaps or complexities.

Why Choose MAPIT

  • Time & Cost-efficient
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Highly secure & Data Privacy
  • Highly-scalable
  • API Integration into existing Tools & Websites
  • Regular new releases & upgrades
  • Dedicated Support Team

MATCH Outreach and placement management Platform

MATCH, MYANATOMY TALENT CONVERGENCE HORIZON, a digitally empowered outreach and placement management platform enabling the institutions to manage end-to-end placement related activities right from their desk.

Smoothen the system and enhance the placement experience of the students with MATCH.


  • Connect with hundreds of corporates through various campus events — (Job/Internship/Hackathons, etc.)
  • Create candidate logins for your students under your institution.
  • Manage your entire student database on a single dashboard enabled with an advanced filtering mechanism.
  • Create, communicate & conduct campus events (Placement events/Mid or Semester Examinations & any other internal events)
  • Intelligence-driven auto filtering mechanism as per pre-defined eligibility criteria.
  • Integrated with AI-empowered Assessment tools.
  • Manage and send invitations to your alumni network for various events.
  • System generated mail/ SMS notification system.

Pricing & Features

  • Lite
  • Basic
  • Advanced
  • Premium
    • Pricing
    • 60 USD/Month charged Annually
    • 120 USD/Month charged Annually
    • 600 USD/Month charged Annually
    • 2380 USD/Month charged Annually
    • User License
    • 1
    • 1
    • 1
    • 1
    • Sub Users/Teammates
    • Not Avalable for lite
    • upto 2
    • upto 10
    • upto 25
    • Total Assessment credits
    • Upto 500 Credits
    • Upto 1000 Credits
    • Upto 5000 Credits
    • Unlimited Assessment Credits
      • Complementary Access to Outreach Platform(MATCH - Institutional Login)
      • Cutomizable Test Templates
      • Inbuilt questions library
      • Customizable Private library
      • Audio/ Video / Image based Questions
      • Collect Documents/Images/Urls from Candidate
      • Invite candidates
      • Individual candidate reports
      • Export and share test reports
      • Create candidate logins
      • Customizable Data collection form
      • Categorize candidate report
      • Password-protected and time boxed Assessment URLS
      • Feedback mechanism
      • Basic proctoring mechanism
      • Advanced proctoring mechanism
      • Assign Evaluators
      • Question pooling
      • Advanced / Multiple Pooling
      • Time boxed Assessments
      • White-labeling
      • Bulk upload MCQ questions
      • API Integration
      • Landing page URL (Post Assessment)
      • Dedicated account manager
      • Dedicated process associates
      • Call / chat /mail support during Assessment
      • Complementary Access to Outreach Platform
      • Complementary Practice test modules (Campus preparatory, Company specific, Competitive Exams, Domain Specific)
      • Subscription validity period
      • 1 year
      • 1 year
      • 1 year
      • 1 year


Which Institution can subscribe to the assessment suite?

Assessment suite is designed and customized for all the levels of educational institutions starting from Schools, junior colleges till undergraduate and postgraduate institutions.

What about the data privacy and security?

We strictly follow GDPR compliance.

What do you mean by assessment credits?

Assessment credits are the balance utilized to conduct assessments. 1 assessment credit is consumed when 1 individual appears for the assessment.

What comes under the basic proctoring mechanism?

Window proctoring , Full Screen Mode, password protected test urls.

What comes under the advanced proctoring mechanism?

Face detection with webcam, IP Restriction, Plagiarism check, Valid face percentage.

Is there any limit on Number of assessments to conduct?

There is no limit on assessment for premium subscribers. Lite, basic and advanced subscribers can refill the assessment credits from time to time if the credits are exhausted.

Is there any emi option for the subscription?

Partly payment is available for advanced and premium subscription models. Click here to contact our marketing and sales team for more information.

Is there any option to customize the features as per my requirement?

Yes It is possible. Click here to contact our marketing and sales team for more information.

Is Integration available with existing ATS and websites, and other tools?

Yes It is available.

Can we subscribe to the packages for Competitive/campus preparatory / Company-specific practice test Packs without opting for any platform based subscription??

Yes , You can subscribe to bulk practice test packs without option for any platform based services. Click here to contact us for more details on pricing and customization of test packs.

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