Q1) What is N.C.E.T?

N.C.E.T stands for NATIONAL COMPETENCE EVALUTION TEST which is being conducted by MyAnatomy once in every 3 months. NCET helps the students to understand their competency level, skill gap and areas to improvise in order to become a job ready professional and also N.C.E.T score will be considered for the job/internship opportunities through MyAnatomy

Q2) Test Pattern of N.C.E.T?

Duration: 150 Minutes

Total Marks: 100

No of Sections: 6

Section Summary:

Section 1: Problem Solving Proficiency: 15 MCQ: 20 mins

Section 2: Analytical Proficiency: 10 MCQ: 15 mins

Section 3: English Proficiency: 10 MCQ: 15 mins

Section 4: Computer Fundamental: 15 MCQ: 20 mins

Section 5: Coding Proficiency: 2 Questions: 50 mins

Section 6: UI Technologies: 1 Questions: 30 mins

Q3) Is there any participation fee for appearing in N.C.E.T?

No, there is no participation fee or any other form of commercials involved to appear for the NCET. Participation is completely free for all the eligible candidates

Q4) What are the benefits of taking N.C.E.T?

Candidate will receive various job/internship opportunities through MyAnatomy based on NCET Score along with entry into various hack-a-thons, code-a-thons and other on & off campus career growth opportunities. The skill-based report of NCET will give the candidates a clear understanding of their competency, skill gap and areas to improvise for betterment of their chances to get placed in the future on and off campus placements

Q5) When can we have the option for the second attempt of N.C.E.T?

As per the rules and regulations of N.C.E.T a candidate can appear for a second attempt after 3 months from the day of first attempt.

Q6) Score of Which attempt is considered after giving the second/multiple attempts for N.C.E.T? Is it the best score or latest attempt score or average score?

If a candidate appeared for more than one attempt of N.C.E.T in such case the best score out of all the attempts is considered.

Q7) My N.C.E.T score is good but I am not shortlisted or received any information for any of recent placement events post N.C.E.T?

Shortlisting of candidates for any of the placement events through MyAnatomy depends on multiple factors like candidates academic percentage/stream/degree/year of passing/N.C.E.T score / Sectional wise performance / Time spent / violation & non violation of code of conduct and many other factors which might vary from event to event.

In case of not being shortlisted for any of the recent events it indicates that you might have not met one /many of the above-mentioned criteria or provided information related to academic criteria at the time of assessment is insufficient/incorrect or you might have accidentally unsubscribed from the email list of MyAnatomy.

Q8) What are the minimum qualifying marks for N.C.E.T?

N.C.E.T does not have any minimum cut off or qualifying criteria. The better you score the more are the opportunities through N.C.E.T

Q9) My Score is very good, is it mandatory to give a second attempt for N.C.E.T?

It is not mandatory to appear for a second attempt of N.C.E.T. However, as the best score is considered and not the latest or average score therefore it is suggested to make use of the opportunity for betterment of your score and improve your chances to get shortlisted for a greater number of events.

Q10) Will I get any certificate for appearing in N.C.E.T?

Yes, you will receive a certificate for participating in the N.C.E.T post completion of your second attempt. This certificate will be awarded by MyAnatomy and other administrating bodies of N.C.E.T.

The certificate will be made available in MATCH Platform to download /attach with CV /share across various platforms / Link to your social media profiles.

Note: Candidates who involve in any kind of malpractice will not be awarded with any certification.

Q11) How many companies hire through N.C.E.T Score?

Most of the companies/placement opportunities coming through MyAnatomy will have N.C.E.T as one of the selection parameters and no of companies a candidate can participate will vary for each candidate depending on his/her N.C.E.T score

Q12) How and Where to appear for N.C.E.T Second Attempt?

It will be notified to you once the N.C.E.T second attempt is live. You can find the live test link and the option to appear for the test in your user login (candidate login) on MATCH platform.

You can login to your match account with your registered mail id and password at

Q13) I have appeared for N.C.E.T second attempt will i get another chance for N.C.E.T?

If you have already appeared for the second attempt of N.C.E.T you are required to wait until the third attempt N.C.E.T to be active.

Q14) On what criteria are the candidates shortlisted from N.C.E.T to various campus events?

Shortlisting of candidates for any of the placement events through MyAnatomy depends on multiple factors like candidates academic percentage/stream/degree/year of passing/N.C.E.T score / Sectional wise performance / Time spent / violation & non violation of code of conduct and many other factors which might vary from event to event.

Q15) How to Score well in N.C.E.T? Are there any sample test papers available for N.C.E.T?

ANSWER: We do not have any specific practice test series designed for N.C.E.T. The skills assessed in N.C.E.T are basic and necessary skills like aptitude, analytical thinking, reasoning, data interpretation, English proficiency and coding efficiency. Candidates can brush up and enhance their skills on these topics by practicing through various online and offline resources.

Q16) My College is registered on MyAnatomy's Platform can i appear for N.C.E.T?

Yes, you can appear for N.C.E.T. Please connect with your institutional placement team for the link to register as a candidate under your institution.

Q17) I have appeared for N.C.E.T first/ second attempt but my score is not reflecting in my MATCH user account?

Results will be updated within 24- 48 hours on your dashboard and you will be able to see the Scores and Reports of all your N.C.E.T attempts in your MATCH user login.

However, please be assured the platform considers the marks of the best scoring attempt at the time of shortlisting for various events.

Q18) My Institute/ University is not registered on MyAnatomy’s Platform. Can I still appear for NCET?

Yes, Candidates who meet the eligibility criteria and are interested to participate in NCET can appear for the Test.

If your institution is not registered with us please share the below details and our team will share the registration link.

Details required: Name / Email / Contact No / College / City / Year of Passing

Q19) What are the system requirements to follow while taking N.C.E.T?

Device: PC or LAPTOP (Mobile and tablets are strictly not allowed/supported)

Operating System: Windows

Browser: Latest version of Google Chrome or Firefox (Chrome is recommended)

Internet Connectivity: Uninterrupted internet connection is required.

Permissions: Access to be granted for webcam, microphone for the assessment to start.

Q20) NCET score will be valid for how many days?

Score of NCET will be valid for 1 year from the day of attempt. However, If you have given multiple attempts, the best score will be considered for shortlisting at the time of any events.

Q21) As a college authority will I be able to see my students’ scores from my institution/university?

Yes, concerned training and placement authorities of the institutions will be able to view/ download and track the participation / results of the candidates from their respective institutions through their institutional login on MATCH platform

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