Posted on : 2022-06-17 10:50:02

Ensuring productivity working from home

The world is witnessing an unprecedented surge in coronavirus cases. There is a nationwide lockdown. And as we grapple with the crisis and the lockdown, we have also got to ensure productivity doesn’t go for a toss.

While we at MyAnatomy truly understand the pros and cons of working from home, we also know how it must be for many who’re used to being there working on the floor on days they have to.

Whether you’re working from home first time or putting in all efforts to be as productive from your space at home or any remote location just as you are from your office desk or cubicle… all that we’re doing now is a step to remain strong come what may amid pandemic.

Cooped up at home, are you?

  1. Set yourself up a dedicated workspace… in a pleasant corner that brings in you all the energy to boost your productivity.
  2. Make use of the various software that come with abundant user-friendly features – to make video calls, audio calls; to make presentations and a lot more. Now is your time to explore and show your cutting edge ways of work.
  3. Try making this style of work your way of life for now.
  4. Give way for optimum use of technology during this pandemic… and well, you could also follow online workout sessions and stretch out a little (and a one and a two way) after every breakout middle of a task or after every call.
  5. Your home wasn’t meant to be your workplace in the first place. Cozying up on that blue couch might cost your productivity. So, check on those aspects as well.
  6. Stay engaged, stay focused… and be all that productive while you tackle the challenges of the Corona crisis.
  7. And yes, the television could be an easy distraction at times… do not let that disturb your focus at work.

Making most out of working from home

This could be your chance to develop professionally.

Enroll for online courses. Read through learning content. Aren’t you saving a lot of time? No commuting to and from office, no gossip with colleagues and the rest, you can add to the list.

And some more…

To boost your and your team’s productivity –

  1. When was the last time you engaged in a casual conversation with your team… apart from emails and con calls or on messenger? How about making calls and checking on how they are doing and how they are coping with the crisis once in a while you don’t see each other for an extended period… This way, you won’t miss out on the mundane moments you created together at work.
  2. A conversation with your parents or your loved ones in these tough times could be blissful too… make it verbal; not through social media while being under the same roof.
  3. Do not let the crisis take over all your conversations and the decisions you make… the more you discuss the same, the more chances of it leading to stress and mental anxiety.
  4. Safeguard your much needed sleep – an elixir for an organized mindset. You can as well share pleasant anecdotes or quotes with people in your team.

Sticking to a work routine matter where you or us are. After all, showing productivity at this phase is our biggest challenge. And we’ve got to win through it.

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