Posted on : 2022-05-31 08:25:37

Going virtual amid crisis

The coronavirus pandemic has brought forth an unseen disruption in almost every aspect of life. Companies have now got to make strategies that work out of the box and have got to walk a few extra miles to keep the show on. The buzz is now all about how to make the best use of intelligent automated systems.

So, how do the intelligent automated systems help –

  •  You have access to virtual screening environment
  •  An almost undoubtedly amazing interview experience too
  •  And above all, you need not conduct in-person interviews and get to practice the much needed social distancing mantra full on

The global health crisis has now become a major concern for companies. Health of the employees falls in the loop too. Corporate organizations are up and running on virtual platforms; and so is the hiring and recruitment process too.

MyAnatomy believes moving interviews to later dates might not be a great idea. Tomorrow is another day, we know… but why not do things today and not postpone to tomorrow.

Dear HR, this is your opportunity to demonstrate your value and create new benchmarks as you support your organisation in zooming up.

Grab on to digital recruitment techniques

logo-myanatomyJoin hands with MyAnatomy and embrace technology that empowers you and your team to go digital right from the virtual screening level to the level where you on-board your new hires. This not only helps keep up with your and the hires’ health and safety but also speeds up the hiring and recruitment process at your organization.

Hold on to a robust Applicant Tracking System

Applicant Tracking System

Enhance your hiring and recruitment experience in this trying time with an all so robust and reliable Applicant Tracking System.

When you join hands with a hiring and recruitment enabler like MyAnatomy, you also gain access to the Applicant Tracking System positioned on the platform.



The System helps the various stakeholders in –

  •  Efficiently putting the database in order
  •  Managing the abundant requisition requests
  •  Accessing the various tools such as the Talent Assessment Tool
  •  Monitoring the humongous amount of reports and feedback that pour in
  •  Being there in the entire process, in and out, the automated way

Boost your communications

A transparent and an effective way of communication is the key to successful hiring and recruitment; more so, amid adversities.

Stay connected by increasing your levels of outreach –

More emails, phone calls, virtual meetings culminate for the communication needed in this hour.

Keep your candidates appraised of every development that takes place related to their candidature for the open job role. You might as well create a Whatsapp group between the team and the candidate. Although, this can get tedious if you have more candidates in the queue.

Understand the anxiety levels of job seekers sailing in these troubled waters. Try being as empathic and helpful as you can be.

Brace up virtually

Enhance your presence on online job portals, social media and through email campaigns. This is where your marketing teams can help you the best way possible.

Make room for your digital marketing team and –

 •  Conduct informative online sessions that talk about job openings
 •  Design content that promotes the job roles in your organization and about the organization.

Phone screenings and video interviews

Phone screenings and video interviews

Staying connected matters! Make the best use of the umpteen features available – individual and group video or audio calls, messengers, and more. And let us tell you, talking beats texting when you have to connect with your team on priorities.

When it comes to the candidates you are interviewing, you can switch to video when the time is apt for it and calls for in-depth discussions.

Cut on the many costs an in-person interview gets with it. Expedite your recruitment process in all virtual ways you can.



Virtual on-boarding of new hires

When you are all geared up for an entire hiring and recruitment process going virtual, it is inclusive of on-boarding of hires too.

All that goes in to on-board the news hires –

•  A thorough background check
•  Conducting post-interview assessments
•  All levels of screenings to be done online
•  You’ve already extracted the best talent, it is only on-boarding that’s awaited.
•  The e-thing is now the in thing. Consolidate the paperwork involved through PDFs, emails and e-signatures.

Some motivation for the virtual you

A renowned personality once said –

Virtualisation is like a Swiss army knife. You can use it in a number of different situations.

The situation is now. Go virtual with MyAnatomy, zip zap zoom!

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