Posted on : 2022-05-31 08:17:18

The Working from Home HR

CoVID-19 has brought in a wave of unseen disruption. There is a lot of panic amid this brutal pandemic. Companies are now embracing virtualisation.

We cannot be bringing one of the most critical processes – the HR way of working – towards strengthening workforce in organizations – to a standstill.

The HR Fraternity is all in to overcome the challenges posed… with the help of intelligent automated systems. The show of the hiring and recruitment can still go on.

MyAnatomy is here to partner with you and together we’ll grab on the benefits of virtualization.

The rise in the crisis and a situation of complete lockdown is leading to a shift in the recruitment strategies of companies. Everyone and every landmark round has to go on the virtual platforms.

How does the virtual and versatile system support hiring and recruitment? Let’s take a look as we jointly leverage our digital solutions –

  1. We’ll resort to an environment of virtual screening and interview experience.
  2. We’ll embrace a process that is devoid of any in-person round of interview.
  3. We’ll together move all interviews to either telephonic or video calls and act a strict no to anything face-to-face.
  4. This one’s for you from us… Make the best use of the various online assessments available in our repository to make your hiring and recruitment a success story. We have some great tools that help assess candidates for the IT and Tech industry. Assessments that are just the right thing to filter and move candidates to the next level.


Companies like Epam, CDK Global, GlobalEdge, TEKsystems have already started conducting all interviews via WebEx. Interviewing candidates from anywhere for anywhere and everywhere.

  1. Social distancing is the mantra now and so HR folks, now is the time to kick off with just no physical exposure.
  2. All this while you pave way for virtual onboarding.

Staying connected counts too

Here’s a small tip to stay connected…

Organize more virtual Hackathons to stay connected with people in your network – the various institutions, their students and the various partners. You never know we jointly could bring out an ideal platform for a solution the world is in a lookout for.

  1. Hackathons that could help find solutions to the challenges faced amid crisis hypothetically.
  2. You can still manage the heap of tasks piled up and targets lined up…
  3. Stay calm and adapt effective working and workable practices.
  4. And, to the crisis… we’ll all say it the James Bond way…
  5. Well Corona, we’re sorry (but not sorry) we keep disappointing you…

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